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Teaming Up to Rethink Sustainability

How Sustainable Are Your Products?

Are your products recyclable? Do you have an energy strategy for your production? And where does the CO2 footprint stand for your organization? If you are asking yourself these questions and don't know where sustainability begins and ends for you, we are here to help. Our longstanding experience in the fields of surface design, environmentally friendly production and conservation of resources make us your go-to partner for the forward looking finishing of your products. Because it's clear that sustainability, in and of itself, does not win over customers at the POS. 


Discover our WORLD FIRST: KURZ Transfer Recycling. The first recycling system for transfer substrate waste in the market!

Design for Recycling

Sustainable design is one of the most exciting and challenging disciplines in product manufacture. As part of its 'Design for Recycling' initiative, KURZ is shining a spotlight on the development process. We will provide you with step-by-step support on the road to a pro-environmental product concept. How does that work? Hardly any other company possesses our know-how in the field of design. We advise you from the initial draft through to the finalization of sustainable design options, environmentally friendly material selection, and process efficiency. At the top of the list is your market success.

Packaging & Print:

Success comes to those whose actions are credible and sustainable. Such brand reliability is best transmitted with us as your sparring partner. Together we will work out a sustainable model for your packaging, with functional and aesthetic surfaces that protect goods, support logistics and trade processes, create demand, increase value perception, and deliver a buying incentive via unique design.

Automotive & Plastic Decoration:

With a passion for surface finishing and a love of detail, we come up with solutions that are not just beautiful to the eye, but functional and durable as well. Anti-scratch, anti-fading, and self-cleaning extend the service life of your products, ease the burden on the environment, and satisfy customers.

Find out more about the sustainability of transfer finishing, about the process and PET recycling. See our FAQ here. Our specialists will be glad to assist.

KURZ Lifecycle Thinking – Sustainability as an All-round Concept

Sustainability is a topic that comes up more and more in our lives. Food, cosmetics, cars – everything should be environmentally friendly. Manufacturers are presented with entirely new challenges: They must not only consider the ecological footprint of their products, but also face a growing number of competitors. To win over the hearts of your environmentally conscious customers, we support you with a unique sustainability concept:

  • recyclable decoration
  • resource conserving application processes
  • sustainable production
  • unique, worldwide, PET take-back system

SENSATIONAL: Recycling program for Transfer Substrates

After several years we have managed to develop a process that will now be used for the startup of the first recycling facility for transfer decoration waste in the world.

KURZ Transfer Recycling

As a plastics specialist and driver of innovation, we are currently the only manufacturer in the industry to launch a PET recycling program and, together with you as a processor of our transfer finishes, we are taking a decisive step towards closed loop technology.

Our far reaching know-how gleaned from the plastics business was particularly helpful in developing the process. Our system can be used to produce both recyclables and monomers for PET polymerization. At the moment we are gradually building up a take-back system for our PET substrates, making us the first manufacturer in the world to close the recycling loop for transfer products.

KURZ Partnerships: A Commitment to our Customers

Sustainability is more than a catchword at KURZ. It is reflected company wide in our products and processes – and in our commitment. As a member of numerous industry initiatives for more sustainability in different sectors, we are involved in sparking major initiatives on the road to a recycling economy.

represents German manufacturers in the supplier industry, in politics, and in business, and presents their interests on the international stage.
CEPI 4evergreen 
aims to increase the contribution of fiber packaging to a sustainable circular economy, raise awareness of its benefits throughout the EU and promote the development of collection systems and recycling infrastructures.
undertakes compilation of technical guidelines for the development of labels in order to reduce the impact of finished products on the environment.
initiative of different sectors to promote the recyclability of plastic packaging in Europe; assesses the recyclability and makes specific recommendations based upon these assessments.