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KURZ Sustainability: Reduce Waste Now!

Preserving resources is a key concern for KURZ in environmentally friendly package decoration. This year, we're introducing an innovative initiative to minimize the waste produced furing the application of finishes to labels and print products. The PET carrier on all hot stamping products is going to be reduced from 12 micron to 10 micron, sheet fed cold transfer reduced from 12 micron to 6 micron, and narrow web cold transfer reduced from 12 to 10 or 6 micron! This allows us to help you not only reduce the total amount of plastic waste in your production, but also achieve cost advantages!

Our optimized slim surface decorations offer you the exclusive appealing look and performance you've come to expect from us, all while minimizing the use of materials.


10 micron Transfer Carrier

Within this business year we will start to shift all 12 µm products to 10 µm. This 16.6% reduction in material and carbon footprint will deliver to you as a side effect, longer rolls, better coverage and less waste.


6 micron Transfer Carrier

For cold transfer in sheet fed and narrow web, we will offer you the option to reduce the carrier by 50% ending up in an extremely thin 6 µm film. Our KPS slim (Patent Pending) already provides you with all sustainable benefits of a slim production process for sheet fed.