KURZ Environmental and Energy Management

We Accept Responsibility

Environmental Management: Certificate ISO 14001

The company KURZ presents its customers not only environmentally acceptable products for an ecologically beneficial technology, but commits itself towards responsible environmental protection.

We accept responsibility for our own actions and voluntarily practice more environmental protection than required by law. KURZ has created an active, tailored environmental management system (according to ISO 14001) that is managed from our Fürth site and is followed and implemented by our employees each and every day. Environmental awareness, and putting it into practice, has gained more and more importance over the years and is now an integral and essential component of our daily business operations.

As an internationally active producer of foils and a global employer, we are well aware of our social responsibility towards our different stakeholders. Therefore we have created a global environmental model to encompass our entire organization:

  • We will motivate our employees to dedicate themselves to following environmentally sound and responsible behavior.
  • We will take precautions to ensure that the impact of our plants on the environment is minimized while at the same time providing safe working conditions for our employees.
  • We will promote the economical use of resources – in our production processes and in the development of our products.

This model forms the basis of environmental policies in all our different locations and branch offices around the world.

For us the permanent improvement of our environmental standard is a duty and also a challenge.

Energy Management: Certificate ISO 50001

As an additional commitment to an environmental responsible and sustainable behavior, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG has established an energy management system according to ISO 50001.

With the setup of an energy management system, we have created a tool for the systematic monitoring of our energy uses as well as for online measurement and evaluation of our energy-related performance.

A main component of this system is the continuously setting of strategical and operational targets with the goal of energy reduction. Thereby we optimize our energy efficiency, counteract rising energy costs and keep us competitive.

Due to the integration of the ISO 50001 into our existing environmental management system, we additionally raise awareness of an economical handling of energy.

This ambition for responsible use of energy is pointed by our global valid environment statement.

Reducing energy use ultimately reduces CO2 emissions. Additionally is this a contribution to preventing global climate change.