The KURZ service package

This is what sets us apart from others

Largest possible processing window for our foils

Even at high processing speeds

An important aim in the development of the KURZ standard quality foils is the achievement of an optimum processing window with respect to outstanding foil properties like release, contour sharpness, adhesion, temperature behavior, gloss, cleanliness, etc.

Consistency of the foil properties

KURZ's stringent quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001, regular internal audits, and the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) concepts ensure that the quality targets set by company management are adhered to.

Suitable foil packaging

We have made the necessary investments in state-of-the-art spooling and cutting machinery. KURZ's roll packaging, specially adapted for the conditions of high-performance stamping machines, meets the highest possible quality demands and guarantees maximum roll lengths.

Reliable distribution

Offering the highest level of service and support is a core value at KURZ.  In order to do this we supply the highest quality transfer products in the industry, supported by the friendliest and most knowledge team, and we ensure that our products are located near our customers. KURZ finishing and distribution centers are located across the US and Canada for quick and convenient shipments.  In most cases, our customers are no more than a 1 to 2 day ship point from their closest DC. 

Application technology service team

KURZ technical support combined with HINDERER + MÜHLICH, a company in the KURZ Group, the team synonymous with comprehensive service:

  • stamping trials in our facilities to determine the optimum foil for your application
  • foil samples with technical support for new projects
  • application support in customer facilities for difficult stamping projects
  • on-site trouble shooting combined with hotline support
  • training of machine operators
  • tool-related technical advice in close cooperation

KURZ technical support - more than a hotline. A dedicated team of professional technicians with many years of international experience on all major machine types. As an extension of our manufacturing, our technicians are more than happy to support your operators to optimize your production!