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Enhancing graphics - creating new horizons

At KURZ, we are at the forefront of advancing hot and cold stamping technology and shaping the digital future of finishing. Embracing the latest trends and exploring new markets, we constantly seek out fresh horizons, perspectives, and opportunities to elevate your printing and finishing capabilities.

Today, transfer decoration technologies are more prevalent than ever before, offering a world of possibilities for enhancing your products. As the global innovator in transfer decoration technologies and the world leader in digital embellishment and functional printing, KURZ equips you with cutting-edge solutions that are relevant for both today's demands and tomorrow's challenges.

Discover the future of print finishing with KURZ and embark on a journey of limitless potential. Unlock new horizons and embrace the boundless opportunities that await as we together explore the exciting possibilities of tomorrow's finishing technologies. Join us as we redefine the possibilities and set new standards in the world of print finishing. 

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Calculate foil needs online and speed up production

FOILCONNECT®, the game-changing online application that revolutionizes hot stamping foil calculations for sheet-fed applications on up-and-down machines. With speed, security, and transparency at its core, FOILCONNECT® streamlines the entire process, making it fast and hassle-free.

Simply upload your stamping motif and input your machine and print volume data into the program. Within seconds, FOILCONNECT® accurately calculates your foil requirements and optimizes the layout for your make-ready. It even generates a recommended foil order that can be effortlessly forwarded to your preferred supplier via mail or fax. Calculating your foil needs has never been this straightforward!

Embrace the efficiency of FOILCONNECT® and unlock a new level of convenience in your hot stamping foil calculations. Say goodbye to manual complexities and experience the seamless, automated process that saves you time and enhances your productivity. Try FOILCONNECT® today and witness the future of foil calculations at your fingertips.

FOILCONNECT® software solution

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True digital metal decoration from the first print

DIGITAL METAL®, the revolutionary digital concept for metallic decoration in print finishing. With our stamping foils featuring elegant, real metal, we now offer digital printing capabilities for the first time, eliminating set-up times and the need for tools, while providing a plethora of exciting design possibilities. Experience the future of metallic finishes with DIGITAL METAL® as it enables individual motifs and variable data, giving you unparalleled flexibility in achieving the perfect metallic touch through digital processing.

Our DIGITAL METAL® foil boasts the highest gloss and sharp-edged motifs, ensuring a stunning outcome that is easy to process. The foil transfer process is entirely digital and can be overprinted either digitally or conventionally, granting you the versatility to explore various print options.

At KURZ, we provide the complete package, encompassing foils, machines, and software, making implementation effortless and ensuring efficient printing. Embrace this groundbreaking technology, and open up a world of endless business opportunities, as DIGITAL METAL® introduces a new perspective to digital printing, redefining what's possible in the realm of print finishing. Explore a universe of creative possibilities with DIGITAL METAL® and elevate your print finishing to new heights.

DIGITAL METAL® - Pre- or Post-Printing with our Stand-Alone

The KURZ DM-UNILINER 2D is a versatile and highly automated digital decoration unit renowned for its universal application in the narrow web sector. Equipped with inkjet technology, it seamlessly integrates with different printing systems to provide efficient and cost-effective digital finishing for labels, sleeves, and print products of all sizes.

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Digital Metal
Digital Metal
Digital Metal