KURZ - Embellishment & Decorative Solutions for Any Industry

At KURZ, we elevate your product into a premium item, emphasizing four key areas of expertise: decoration, functionality, security, and communication. Our dedicated focus on these elements enables us to provide a comprehensive full-service package that not only meets your requirements but also establishes a lasting image and recognizable brand.

With an unrivaled reputation for innovation and aesthetics, our decades of experience in metallic finishes and coating technology set us apart. As the world's largest supplier of thin-film technologies, we take pride in our ability to transform your vision into reality, infusing your products with sophistication and uniqueness.

Partner with KURZ, and discover how our commitment to excellence and forward-thinking solutions can enhance your offerings, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and positioning your brand for long-term recognition and success.


Welcome to KURZ. Welcome to the future of decoration.


Below are examples of some of the technologies available with KURZ: 


Hot Stamping

Cold Foiling

Holographic Foils

Security Foils & Labels

Magnetic Foils

Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR)

Pharmaceutical Foils/Ribbons

Pipe & Cable Marking Foils

Heat Transfers

Digital Heat Transfers

In-Mold Roll Decoration (IMR/IMD)

Insert Molding


Printed Electronics & Sensors

Application Equipment

Tooling & Stamping Dies


At KURZ, we are a world-leading force in thin-film technology, driven by our unwavering passion for excellence. With over 5,500 dedicated employees across the globe, we specialize in developing and manufacturing decorative and functional coatings that enhance an extensive range of products, from automotive components to cell phones, TVs, furniture, and beyond.

Our coatings serve multiple purposes, including elevating brands, labeling goods, safeguarding surfaces, adding valuable functionalities, and deterring counterfeiting. What truly sets us apart is our unique ability to fuse optical elements with cutting-edge digital technology, creating a seamless connection between the physical decoration of products and the boundless possibilities of the virtual world.

We are committed to providing complete solutions, offering expert project consultancy and advanced application technologies, including machines and dies. Our network of over 30 sites spans across Europe, Asia, and the USA, ensuring that all our products meet rigorous quality and environmental standards.

At KURZ, we take pride in our global network of subsidiaries, agencies, and sales offices, which guarantees reliable and consistent delivery, short supply chain paths, and dedicated on-site support for our esteemed customers and valued partners.

Choose KURZ, and embark on a journey of passion and dedication, as we bring you cutting-edge thin-film technology that elevates your products and strengthens your brand presence across the world. Experience the power of innovation, reliability, and exceptional support as we work together to take your business to new heights.