Sustainability for a Better Future


The Earth's environment is precious. We would like to raise our end customer awareness about a healthy environment by teaming up with you. As the market leader in coating technology, we are well aware of our global responsibility for the planet. At KURZ we have come to view our main task as protecting the natural balance. Only the equilibrium between mankind and the environment can create a healthy habitat for future generations.

For five decades now we have been working on our sustainability goal: A holistic KURZ lifecycle. Its main focus lies in the sustainable and sparing use of natural resources, as well as delivering top quality and increased efficiency for our customers. After all, the value chain begins with each individual product.


Sustainability shapes brands. To gain the upper hand, make a credible case along the value chain. As experts in surface finishing we deliver sound strategies because to us, as a family company, it matters to leave a better world for future generations. We follow strict environmental and safety standards around the world. We develop products and processes that conserve resources and provide cost-effective individual design freedom for surfaces – in keeping with Design for Recycling. We help make product cycles as environmentally friendly as possible and make our customers leaders in sustainability.

Environmentally Aware Production for Every Industry

The ecologically sound finishing of paper, cardboard, durable and non-durable plastic products – the KURZ transfer coatings promise.


Our Success:

  • Lowest CO2 emissions
  • Avoidance of hazardous raw materials as much as possible
  • Coating process without wastewater generation
  • Dry application process


  • 100% renewable energy used by KURZ Germany
  • Continuous expansion of our photovoltaic plants worldwide
  • A plus of 'green innovation'
  • REACH Certification since 2006



Environmentally Friendly Plastic Industry

Under the strategy Design for Recycling, we will take you down new paths in the finishing of plastic products. Our power pack of sustainable decoration capabilities feature cutting edge finishing processes in combination with endless design options for new products and recycled material.

Sustainability for the Graphics Industry

Ecologically sound finishing of paper and cardboard – that's the KURZ promise for transfer coatings for the graphics industry. At 100% recyclable and deinkable, your packaging will boast a classy gloss, without sacrificing any of its sustainability characteristics.

Green Machine Development

What good is an environmentally friendly product if it is unaffordable? We target the optimization of our application machines. They help you stay competitive with resource conserving production, systematic waste minimization and reduced energy use.

Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Unfortunately, it takes more than a lone pioneer to get customers to rethink their green priorities. That's why we rely on the power of the collective, and cooperate with an international network of professional bodies and industry initiatives for a mutual, sustainable future. This bundled know-how from different branches of industry allows us to cultivate a far reaching understanding of our customers' issues, while presenting them with global solutions.