Tried and tested: Studies show that TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels do not affect the recyclability of paper and cardboard packaging

Fürth/Germany, June 09, 2022: Sustainability is firmly anchored in LEONHARD KURZ’s corporate strategy - including when it comes to the recyclability of materials. After all, the collection, processing, and recycling of raw materials can conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions. In order to assess the recyclability of paper and cardboard packaging that bears TRUSTCONCEPT® security labels, the manufacturer of decorative and functional coatings joined forces with Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) and INGEDE e.V. and carried out two joint studies. The results showed that the security labels do not impact the recyclability of paper and cardboard packaging and are therefore a reliable and sustainable solution. Customers who rely on TRUSTCONCEPT® labels not only protect their products efficiently against counterfeiting and manipulation, but also have the certainty that the security label does not impair the recyclability of their outer packaging. “Environmental protection is a top priority at KURZ. So we are delighted that these test results clearly show that, in addition to outstanding product and brand protection, we can offer our customers proven additional and lasting added value” says Dr. Matthias Kehrer, R&D Chemist at LEONHARD KURZ.


Two studies with strong evidence

As part of the studies, both PTS and INGEDE tested a sample box with a paper label and a box with a PET label. In each case, the packaging as a whole was tested. PTS’ tests focused on the suitability of the material to produce high-quality recycled paper without visual contamination or adhesive residues. The tests carried out confirmed that packaging and printed products made of paper or cardboard and decorated with TRUSTCONCEPT® paper and/or plastic labels can be recycled in household recycling schemes.

In separate tests, the non-profit association INGEDE focused on the ease of removal of the adhesive used in the security labels. Here, too, the TRUSTCONCEPT® labels achieved a positive result, as Axel Fischer, Head of Public Relations at INGEDE, confirms: “The outcome of the TRUSTCONCEPT® security label test series follows the previous positive results we achieved with a number of different KURZ products.”


Consumers trust TRUSTCONCEPT®

Self-adhesive paper labels and PET labels from TRUSTCONCEPT® offer reliable protection and have both a visual and a mechanical function: On the one hand, they prove the authenticity of a product through security features, and on the other hand, they serve as a seal or first-opening protection. Consumers can thus quickly and easily recognize if they are dealing with an original product and whether it is undamaged. 
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