SILVER LINE® from KURZ: Premium packaging and label design with 3D effects

Fürth/Germany, October 09, 2023: Packaging with impressive 3D effects is the current big trend. It attracts attention at the point of sale and turns products into fascinating eye-catchers. LEONHARD KURZ recognized this development early on and is ringing in the future of the packaging industry with its new finishing solutions. Following in the footsteps of LIGHT LINE®, whose sparkling star designs, rainbow-colored motion effects and luxurious diamond look were introduced to great success, is SILVER LINE®. The new finish line, which was first presented at LUXE PACK Monaco, October 2–4, 2023, provides particularly elegant diffractive effects and offers totally new possibilities for packaging design.

Just like LIGHT LINE®, SILVER LINE® captivates with magical 3D effects, but does not create a shimmering rainbow effect. “With the silver metallic color hue of SILVER LINE®, KURZ has once again met the fast-changing requirements of the market. The new 3D finish creates a premium, high-quality look on product packaging that is less playful than our existing LIGHT LINE® design”, explains Sabrina Durastante, Product Manager at LEONHARD KURZ.


Luxurious and attractive designs

SILVER LINE® creates a special optical depth with unique motion and contrast effects that arise from its three-dimensionality. The new line is suitable for creating reflective and matte structures that provide a simple, yet very stylish and effective finish for products such as premium cosmetics. With SILVER LINE®, labels and packaging can be decorated across their entire surface, or else embellished with finely structured details. In particular, the interplay between the diffractive effects and the reflective surfaces they contain gives product packaging a luxurious, high-quality esthetic.

Like LIGHT LINE®, the new SILVER LINE® product line can be applied using hot stamping, cold transfer, or digital printing, and is easy to integrate into existing systems. SILVER LINE® thereby constantly delivers reliable and durable application results. Thanks to a low-emission vaporization process, the carrier materials are coated with no more than the necessary amount of material. Only the decorative lacquer coating is transferred during the transfer process. The PET carrier is then removed. That means: No plastic and absolutely no hazardous materials on the finished product.

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