Leonhard Kurz extends its machine range with a standalone metallization unit

Fuerth/Germany, 06/11/2020: Leonhard Kurz expands its DM-Liner series of machines for digital metallization with the standalone DM-Uniliner finishing unit. This transfer machine for the narrow web sector, which is equipped with inkjet technology, offers maximum flexibility in the finishing process. It can be employed before or after color printing.

Independent of the application method and printing system

The new DM-Uniliner finishing unit from Kurz expands its portfolio of DM-Jetliner and DM-Flexliner inline solutions with a standalone variant. It has been designed for print shops in the narrow web sector who require maximum flexibility in their finishing processes. Like the inline machines, the new unit utilizes the reliable inkjet technology. Label printers can employ the DM-Uniliner before or after color printing and thereby create a large variety of finished products. If the metallization is applied before printing, the colors applied by overprinting take on a brilliant metallic gloss. When designs with a rainbow color play or holographic structures are used, the overprinting creates shimmering and vibrant light and color effects. The visually appealing late stage customization process can be realized by post-print finishing. Individualizations, personalizations, different language versions or variable motifs can be accentuated with great effect through metallization. The DM-Uniliner is also the right finishing solution for businesses that use a variety of printing systems. Labels already preprinted on different machines or yet to be printed can be metallized at any time. The standalone finishing unit does not limit the high processing speed of flexographic printing machines. It can process self-adhesive labels produced from a wide range of plastic and paper substrates.

Tailored to industrial requirements

The performance and process reliability of the DM-Uniliner has been optimized for industrial requirements. Thanks to the high pressure stability of the printing unit and constant web speed, the machine ensures smooth, fast processing with minimal waste. The DM-Uniliner processes up to 75 roll meters per minute. Substrate rolls of up to 800 millimeters in diameter can be used, which ensures long run times with no roll changes. The digital unit can cost-effectively process both small as well as large finishing orders. Different orders can be combined and processed in a single finishing pass. This makes metallization economical even for small runs.

Like all narrow web processing units from Kurz, the DM-Uniliner produces a flat, color printing equivalent application of the metallization layer. This characteristic of the metal transfer makes the machine predestined for finishing roll-fed labels. No distortion of the thin and flat coated labels occurs as they are taken up on a roll, and the labels can be further processed without difficulty. The smooth surface also enables problem-free multi-colored overprinting. The DM-Uniliner can apply the finishing on preprinted materials with a registration accuracy of ± 0.2 millimeters.

Multi-use function

Kurz has developed a multi-use function for its narrow web machines that is also available for the DM-Uniliner. If metallization areas of a transfer roll remain unused after the first finishing pass, the roll can be reused multiple times to apply overprintable metallizations. It is remounted in the winding system, and unused areas are detected by a print mark sensor and transferred to the substrate in a second metallization pass. If further sufficiently large unutilized areas remain, they can be applied in a third pass to maximize use of the transfer roll metallization layer.

The standalone DM-Uniliner digital metallization unit from Kurz (JPG, 1,75 MB) Press release from 06.11.2020 for download (PDF, 148,0 kB)