LEONHARD KURZ expands the design scope for magnetic stripes and produces sustainable alternatives

Fürth/Germany, May 17, 2022: Magnetic stripes are an important component for storing data on credit and customer cards, for example. With its more than 50 years of experience in card technology and a strong focus on sustainability, LEONHARD KURZ is now revolutionizing card design.

Under the theme ‘Open Up the World of Colors’, the company - one of the leading suppliers of security technologies and components for cards - is opening up completely new possibilities for its customers. They can now choose from a wide range of colors when designing their magnetic stripe, giving each card its very own look. To make things not only colorful but more sustainable, KURZ has also launched a new product series called NVLine Magnetics®. The result is a reduced carbon footprint for the magnetic stripe. 


New color fan deck offers unlimited choice

The KURZ color fan deck for magnetic stripes can be ordered online and provides a first look into the variety of options for card manufacturers. The 30 exclusive colors range from Bright Red and Yellow Green to Pink and many different shades of Blue. Interested parties can also gain an in-depth overview of the range using the online configurator on a website specially set up for KURZ card technology. The 30 standard colors are guaranteed to be in stock at the thin-film technology expert, ensuring even faster delivery times.

However, since the world of colors is not limited to 30, KURZ also produces magnetic stripes with individual color values on customer request. This means that there are no limits when it comes to producing credit, payment, customer, loyalty, and prepaid cards. Companies that want their cards to match their corporate identity are guaranteed to find the right product with our color matching service. Countless colors, patterns, and even metallizations are possible.

Under the theme ‘Open Up the World of Colors’, KURZ not only offers great creative leeway, but also the usual reliable storage and secure retrieval of data. The magnetic stripes are based on HiCo technology (High Coercivity), which makes them particularly resistant to external magnetic fields. The stripes are available in standardized widths of 8.4 and 12.7 millimeters, although this can also be customized.


More sustainable magnetic stripes thanks to NVLine Magnetics®

The new product series in the magnetic stripe market ensures that the environmental footprint of the entire card is improved. Manufacturers who rely on NVLine Magnetics® from KURZ increase the sustainability of their products and thus create a unique selling point compared to other market participants - true to the KURZ motto ‘Be a Green Leader’.

NVLine Magnetics® is characterized by the use of PET carriers made from at least 30 percent recycled material in the manufacturing process of the magnetic stripes. The carrier is required in the first step to produce the magnetic stripes ready for application and is returned to the circular economy after use in production.

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