KURZ and EUREKA make creativity tangible with digital finishing

Fürth/Germany, April 25, 2023: “In vino veritas” is an old Latin saying. Dr. Tobias Eismann and Dr. Martin Meinel researched in detail that there is not only truth in wine, but that a certain amount of alcohol can also promote human creativity. With their research, the founders of EUREKA INNOVATION UG from Nuremberg get to the bottom of creativity - i.e., the ability to come up with new and good ideas - and turn their findings into practical products. “During our research, we came across studies that stated that a certain alcohol level actually has a positive effect, as it reduces our inhibition to express our own ideas and thoughts,” Tobias Eismann explains.

This is how the EUREKA Weinspritzer came about. The spritzer, made from wine from a winemaker in the Lower Franconian town of Rödelsee, relies on a scientifically based, clever effect: Depending on gender and body weight, two scales on the label indicate the perfect amount of the alcoholic beverage, after which the drinker’s creativity will experience a noticeable boost. The label was therefore an important element of the product right from the start.


Showcasing local partners and collaborative products

At the same time, LEONHARD KURZ was looking for regional projects to make the possibilities of digital refinement tangible using real products. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, the paths of the Nuremberg-based start-up and Fürth-based specialist for high-quality surface finishing crossed. According to Julia Meier, Marketing Manager at KURZ, they just clicked right away. “This resulted in an exciting process, in which we developed ideas together, played with creativity, and ultimately upgraded the label,” explains Meier. During the design process, what was originally one label turned into seven different variants that depict the different behaviors and fields of action of creative work. In addition, EUREKA, together with KURZ, designed an outer packaging that is also produced in seven variants and is intended to give the customer an even more intense unboxing feeling. Its shape is inspired by high-quality whiskey packaging, although thewine spritzer's cylindrical outer packaging is not closed, but open at the top and bottom. The packaging fits so tightly on the bottle that it cannot fall out. At the same time, the outer packaging serves as a holder for a booklet with creativity exercises suitable for the respective bottle type.


Latest-generation machines for digital embellishment

The DM-UNILINER 2D and DM-SMARTLINER were used to implement the creative label and packaging designs. With matte gold on the labels and silver on the outer packaging, the EUREKA wine spritzer impressively demonstrates the many possibilities of digital embellishment and the KURZ DIGITAL METAL® complete solution. From the digital transfer machine to the transfer film, customers like EUREKA receive all components from a single source, perfectly coordinated, and suitable for customer-specific series production as well as for small orders, special editions, or complete product families.

The inside of the EUREKA Weinspritzer’s outer packaging boasts exciting texts about the product and the founders as well as decorative elements with metallization - so there is something to discover at every level. Matthias Miederer, Product Manager Digital Embellishment Solutions at KURZ, is delighted about the collaboration with EUREKA: “A real product is of course ideal for showing the world what our new generations of machines can do. The seven variations perfectly match KURZ’s versatile finishings. Above all, we show what possibilities digital print finishing opens up and just how versatile it can be.” Of course, the important topic of sustainability also plays a major role in a project like this. With digital finishing using DM-UNILINER 2D and DM-SMARTLINER, no plastic film remains on the label and packaging. The outer packaging of the EUREKA wine spritzer can therefore be disposed of in paper waste and is recyclable.

The EUREKA wine spritzer is available online at https://www.drinkeureka.de/shop. For each bottle sold, EUREKA will donate one euro to various creative projects. Drinking not only encourages your own creativity, but also creativity in our society as a whole - a matter close to the heart of the founders of EUREKA.

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