Making cold transfer even more efficient and sustainable – KPS slim (patent pending) from LEONHARD KURZ

Fürth/Germany, December 08, 2021: Successful product packaging immediately catches the eye and is remembered for a long time. Excellent packaging is also characterized by being embellished efficiently and sustainably. With the KPS SX+ quality, LEONHARD KURZ had already successfully introduced a cold transfer formulation at the beginning of 2021 that meets precisely these requirements for an attractive and at the same time sustainable and efficient type of product finishing. Now the thin-film specialist, that cares greatly about continuously optimizing its products, has further advanced the finishing and is presenting KPS slim (patent pending).


Outstanding properties and sustainable finishing

The new cold transfer solution is suitable for decorating a wide variety of substrates. Even with recycled, difficult, or thin materials, the KPS slim (patent pending) quality generally enables high gloss, excellent coverage, and edge definition as well as a wide range of design options – from large-scale to delicate. Its unique feature is that at 6 μm instead of 12 μm, the PET carrier used is half as thin as its predecessor. “Guided by the idea of sustainability, we wanted to retain the excellent properties of KPS SX+ and at the same time save resources by using a significantly thinner PET carrier,” explains Norbert Hell, Global Business Development Manager Cold Transfer at KURZ. “With KPS slim (patent pending), we use significantly thinner carrier material than with conventional products and, thanks to the lower weight, are also able to reduce CO2 consumption.”, adds Dr. Ulrike Plaia, Intl. Product Manager Cold Transfer at KURZ.


Efficient processing with lower material consumption

The new formulation, which is patent pending, also boasts outstanding application properties and high processing efficiency. For example, the adhesive consumption of KPS slim (patent pending) is typically lower than that of conventional cold transfer products. In addition, KURZ has succeeded in further increasing the cost-effectiveness for customers when using this unique product. As more running meters fit on one roll, the weight is reduced while the number of running meters remains the same. This means fewer roll changes are required, which ultimately leads to a reduction in downtimes and set-up times. The new premium product KPS slim (patent pending) is already available as a limited edition in many European countries; further regions will follow as part of the global market launch.

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