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Fuerth/Germany, 17/02/2021: What topics are on people's minds around the world? And how are these ex-pressed in design? The trend team at Leonhard Kurz has been following the spirit of the times for nine years. The results of the current investigation show that people want one thing above all; the world should become a better place. The KURZ team identified four design trends from this research and present them in the 'Box next to Box. two' packaging concept, which contains four expressively decorated paper boxes, each representing a trend. Eight new colors and three new decors for hot-stamping finishing have been developed for the current trends. 'Box next to Box. two' calls on creatives and brand owners to dare to try new things in packaging design and be inspired by the spirit of the times.

Taking design enthusiasts along on the journey towards "What's coming next?", KURZ designers Annie Kuschel and Julia König are pursuing this goal with the new box collection. Annie Kuschel explains how the team ap-proaches the search for trends: "In the first step, we let ourselves get pulled into the swirl of new ideas. In the sec-ond step, we carefully analyze the information and filter out the streams that are relevant for us."

Packaging concept with a new twist

The 'Box next to Box' packaging concept was presented for the first time in 2019. For the current edition - 'Box next to Box. two' - the designers have slightly changed their trend presentation style. This time, the four trend boxes ar-ranged next to each other are presented in an elegant folding box with gold embossing. The enclosed booklet pro-vides background information on the trends. To enable designers to test the trend colors directly for their artwork, there is also a short information on the trends, comprising four fanfolds with embossed patterns, in addition to the 'Box next to Box two'-samples. Perforation makes it easy to tear samples off for testing.

The spirit of the times is expressed in four design themes

The motto 'change' connects the four trends presented. 'The Outcry: Rebellion Now' expresses the radically opti-mistic desire for something new in a statement box; a bright graffiti design that illustrates the call 'We want to be heard' with glossy sprayed effects. The pink motto 'Outcry', which stands out due to its embossed corrugated card-board structure, looks like handwritten text. Exclamation marks illustrate the urgency of the rebellious concern. The new LIGHT LINE® decor 'Choice' is used here: Its silvery iridescent scribble structures are reminiscent of check-boxes in opinion polls or ballot papers. The rebellion is here and it is bursting with hope!
Natural colors with a textile look; that's 'Re.Master.Y: Sustainability as a new currency'. This trend stands for cul-tural diversity and sustainable management. Quite different and yet with the same willingness to change: 'CyBorn: Life out of space and time'. This is about the new reality created in digital worlds. 'HERfection: More power to ten-derness' puts a spin on the old motto 'Higher, better, further, more'. Today, it's all about female energy, together-ness, and empathy.

New colors and decors for hot-stamping finishing

The KURZ team developed eight new colors for the current trends, which express the moods of the respective de-sign world. There's powerful pink and warm orange with a metallic shine (The Outcry). Deep dark green and dark blue (Re.Master.Y). A transparent light blue and a shimmering violet (CyBorn). A matte golden tone and velvety turquoise (HERfection).
Three new hot-stamping decorations in silver complement the color palette: Fine scribble structures, textile looks, and intricate patterns with holographic effects. Whether delicate microstructure or concise elevation: The new trends can be experienced not only by the eye but also by the sense of touch. KURZ designers Annie Kuschel and Julia König chose high-quality paper from Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund for 'Box next to Box. two'. They were em-bossed with tools from KURZ subsidiary Hinderer + Mühlich.
'Box next to Box. two' is a limited edition. Creatives and brand owners who would like to learn more about the latest design trends and the new KURZ solutions for the packaging industry can request information from

Zeitgeist on paper: The Leonhard Kurz box collection presents the latest design trends as well as new colors and decors for hot stamping.
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