IMD and touch functions: KURZ and PolyIC present innovative display stacks at embedded world 2024

Fürth/Germany, March 13, 2024: The embedded world Exhibition & Conference 2024 will take place in the Nuremberg trade fair center from April 9 to 11. Developers, engineers, experts and suppliers from all over the world come together to experience innovations and trends in the fields of embedded systems, IoT (Internet of Things) and industrial automation, as well as related technology fields.

One of the core topics of the trade fair is the ‘Electronic Displays’ field. At Booth 1-270 in Hall 1, PolyIC, a subsidiary of LEONHARD KURZ and specialist in sensor technologies and touch applications, will be showcasing innovative display stacks with plastic instead of glass as a display pane as an absolute highlight. The exhibits illustrate the diverse possibilities of IMD-decorated display surfaces with integrated touch sensors. The project is a cooperation between KURZ, PolyIC, and Elektrobit, an award-winning global provider of embedded and networked software products and services for the automotive industry. "The trade fair offers an ideal platform for presenting our ideas and concepts for the future in the field of embedded technologies to a broad specialist audience and for actively shaping trends in this industry," explains Dr. Wolfgang Clemens, authorized signatory and member of the management at PolyIC. "Together with innovative partners, we develop holistic solutions to help our customers underpin their competitive advantages."


Efficient manufacturing process saves energy and resources

The goal when developing the new display stacks was to create an alternative to high-cost glass displays that enables efficient series production and combines the advantages of the plastic world – such as seamless surfaces and the sustainable options for high-quality decoration. The front side of the sprayed polycarbonate display panels is manufactured and coated by KURZ using the IMD (In-Mold Decoration) process. Metal mesh sensors from the KURZ subsidiary PolyIC are integrated on the rear of the display.

PolyIC and KURZ will be exhibiting several variants with different optical properties at the trade fair. These will show, among other things, the different coating options for the surface, which can vary depending on requirements and budget. Surfaces with reduced light reflection or with antibacterial and antiviral coatings using KURZ BIOFENSE® are possible, for example. Various sensors with different optical properties are also available.


Various manufacturing options

However, the display stacks can also differ significantly in terms of construction. Variants with various additional optical filter films will be presented, right through to solutions where the display pane and display are bonded together using optical bonding. Thanks to the fully transparent adhesive, the displays retain their full brilliance and are therefore also ideally suitable for use in bright environments. Possible application fields include the areas of home appliances and automotive interior design.


Specialist presentation of PolyIC and Elektrobit

At the electronic displays Conference, which takes place as part of the embedded world event, Dr. Wolfgang Clemens and Markus Übelhör from Elektrobit will talk about the topic of ‘Glass and Plastic Based Displays in Automotive HMI Applications.’ Among other things, their presentation will focus on the trend towards large, curved displays and the increased use of additional displays in vehicles – for example for passenger entertainment or for controlling functions. More and more often, these displays are not separate components, but part of decorative interior elements. Dr. Wolfgang Clemens and Markus Übelhör will show how these trends can also be implemented in high-volume series production outside the premium segment. They will provide insights into innovative glass and plastic windows, the latest display technologies, and also talk about sustainability aspects. The presentation will take place on April 10, 2024 from 4:20 p.m. to 4:40 p.m.


Numerous other highlights at the PolyIC stand

In addition to the display stacks, KURZ and PolyIC will be presenting other exhibits and innovations from the areas of sensor technology and human machine interfaces. These include the PolyTC® VarioSym sensor technology, which uses a laser process to enable individual design of the user interface and efficient production, with completely new options for the design and operation of modern household appliances and consumer electronics. The major innovation with PolyTC® VarioSym is that it is no longer necessary to apply all components (touch sensor, diffuser, and opaque decoration) separately. The new sensor combines all relevant technical layers, thus saving construction steps and enabling more efficient, cost-saving production. The actual user interface can be finally defined by laser at the customer’s production line. This enables maximum flexibility in the production of variants and saves resources for warehousing.

KURZ and PolyIC will also be presenting an innovative HMI panel for household appliances, which was developed in cooperation with the mechatronics specialist Marquardt and demonstrates that so-called white goods no longer have to come in monotonous designs. Completely new surface design approaches can be experienced using a demonstrating device for washing machine control panels with Shy Tech design and backlighting.


The vehicle interior as a futuristic feel-good space

In the field of Automotive Interiors, KURZ and PolyIC are showcasing a Crystal Steering Wheel with crystal control elements from Swarovski Mobility, which represents the perfect symbiosis of elegance and luxury, sporty look, and smart technologies. The futuristic steering wheel features three Swarovski crystals on each side in addition to a central display, which serve not just as decorative elements, but also as functional components.

Another concept component – an innovative HMI module for the headliner – demonstrates several pioneering technologies that are already suitable for series production today. The so-called Overhead Light Console (OHLC), a partner project with Plastic-Omnium, the Wittmann Group and Syntech, is produced, decorated and equipped with sensors in a single work step using the CO2 -reduced IME (In-Mold Electronics) process. It is characterized by its seamless, completely closed, 3D-shaped surface with integrated touch control and is used to control various functions such as the ambient and reading light, or the sliding sunroof.

A number of other projects with interesting partners will also be presented. Among other things, a trackpad demonstrating device will be presented for the first time in cooperation with Infineon and Hamsø.


At a glance

embedded world Exhibition & Conference 2024 from April 9 to 11, 2024 in Nuremberg
PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG Hall 1, Stand 1-270
Our trade fair presentation focuses on Display and HMI technologies for home appliances and automotive interiors



electronic displays Conference, Session 9, Touch Screens
April 10, 2024, 4:20 pm – 4:40 pm:
Dr. Wolfgang Clemens, PolyIC, and Markus Übelhör, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH: ‘Glass and Plastic Based Displays in Automotive HMI Applications’

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