Faster and more economical finishing with cold transfer

Fuerth/Germany, 25/01/2021: Whether it be inventory levels, setup times or yields – now more than ever, print shops need to pull out all the stops to remain competitive. To enable maximum cost efficiency in cold transfer finishing, Leonhard Kurz has developed a new cold transfer formulation. With its new KPS SX+ cold transfer product, the company is offering its customers a versatile grade that eliminates the need to use several products for different finishes. The range of applications is large. KPS SX+ is equally suitable for conventional and UV systems with their respective adhesives and inks, for different substrates, for food packaging and foil saving modules, and for large as well as filigree motifs.

"Our intensive development work has paid off," reports Norbert Hell, Global Business Development Manager Cold Transfer at Kurz. "KPS SX+ is very easy to process even at high speeds, reduces setup times, adhesive use and scrap, and adheres optimally to adhesives. The product delivers a brilliant gloss and is very suitable for demanding designs and screen vignettes. To ensure trouble-free print runs, we also offer adhesives and rubber blankets that have been precisely tailored to this transfer product. Our customers have achieved excellent results with these complete packages."

The new cold transfer product also excels in terms of sustainability. It can be used on recycled card stock, the recyclability of paper and cardboard is not affected when finished with KPS SX+, and the materials remaining after finishing are suitable for the new Kurz PET recycling program.

Packaging finished with the new KPS SX+ cold transfer product (Photo: Kurz) (JPG, 3,49 MB) Press release from 25.01.2021 for download (PDF, 182,0 kB)