DM-MAXLINER 3D: Comprehensive tests prove the recyclability of innovative finishing

Fürth/Germany, November 17, 2021: The DM-MAXLINER 3D takes LEONHARD KURZ’s digital printing to a new level through the innovative combination of metallization, spot and relief coating – and it sets another important milestone in the company’s sustainability strategy. The finishing machine, developed by KURZ subsidiary STEINEMANN DPE, can be used to create print products with special tactile 3D looks that are fully recyclable. This is now confirmed in testing conducted by Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) and Propakma GmbH – both long-established experts in the recyclability of packaging, paper, and print products. "The recyclability of our finishings is a very important criterion according to our ‘Lifecycle Thinking’ approach,” stresses Markus Hoffmann, member of the management of LEONHARD KURZ. “Collecting, processing, and reusing materials can significantly reduce the consumption of valuable resources as well as CO2 emissions.” According to Markus Hoffmann, sustainability is one of the greatest challenges of our time. “Together we are working intensively on new solutions, even better alternatives, and a sustainable future. In this way, we are establishing a process that saves resources and reduces CO2 emissions.”


Experts confirm recyclability

The sample materials finished with the DM-MAXLINER 3D were thoroughly tested by both PTS and Propakma. For the tests, both institutes used the PTS-RH 021:2012 method, which has been deployed for paper-based packaging for decades. This makes it possible to evaluate the recyclability, the level of fiber breakdown of the packaging material, and the degree of contamination acceptable. The test result now allows all KURZ customers, as well as brand owners, to declare any product refined to the typical extent as recyclable in household waste.

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