Semi-transparent Lumafin now also available for labels

Fürth/Germany, 5 September 2019: Packaging designers and finishers involved in sheet-fed printing are already familiar with the semi-transparent Lumafin transfer product from Kurz, which allows the printing underneath to shine through in a mysterious manner. Lumafin was developed by Kurz to give designers new design possibilities for creating a unique product presentation. This finishing element adds unusual accents to packaging and can be used to produce designs that are surprisingly different and distinctive. At Labelexpo Europe, Kurz will be presenting a new Lumafin grade for narrow web printing. The special light and color effects of this transfer product are now also available for roll-fed labels.

Lively color changes a real eye-catcher

Lumafin is available in grades for hot stamping, cold transfer as well as digital transfer. The product can be used like a dry varnish as a large-area or spot coating. It produces a semi-transparent color transfer and allows the printed motifs underneath to shine through in a deeper or modified color. It overlays the print image like a glossy shimmering veil and makes it appear as if at a depth. As the viewing angle is changed an eye-catching effect occurs: the semi-transparent varnish transforms into a high-gloss, metallic-like reflective color.

Process advantages of dry transfer

Lumafin is available in a wide variety of standard colors and can also be produced in customer-specific shades. Kurz also offers a special product line with a bronze appearance for vintage effects. Furthermore, a fully transparent variant of Lumafin also exists. In this case the transparent high gloss finish transforms into an iridescent white as the incident light changes. But this is not the only difference compared to spot varnishing. Lumafin produces an ultra-thin, flat layer when applied. This makes the transfer product highly suitable for the finishing of roll-fed labels as no distortion occurs as the labels are wound up. Furthermore, when Lumafin is applied by hot stamping no print unit is required. This eliminates the time-consuming cleaning of the print unit otherwise normally required before spot coating.

The new design possibilities and optical effects of Lumafin will be illustrated by means of numerous labels and packaging designs at the Kurz booth 3D40.


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