Kurz presenting creative digital finishing solutions in PortAventura

Leonhard Kurz at Dscoop

Fürth/Germany, 12 June 2019: The next Dscoop Edge conference is being held in the PortAventura Convention Center near Barcelona from June 19–21. At this event of the world's largest digital printing and design community, Leonhard Kurz will be presenting a most extraordinary experiential world. The coating expert is exhibiting a wide variety of finished print products where metallization and color printing have been combined to produce an incomparably esthetic whole. Kurz developed its Digital Metal finishing process for this purpose, which uses the DM-Luxliner transfer machine for paper and card stock, and the DM-Jetliner for paper and plastic substrates. The process achieves a flat metallization application, equivalent to color printing, which can in turn be overprinted with multiple colors to produce artistic designs with a striking interplay of digital printing and digital metallization effects.

Spectacular creations combining metallization and color printing

Kurz will illustrate the use of metallizations as a fifth color with the help of a set of colorful floral designs on bottle labels, tickets and notebooks. Refined personalization, holographic authenticity features, and diffractive metallizations with changing color plays add additional accents.
The decorative design of short runs with individualized elements will be demonstrated with wedding stationery. The upmarket menu and place cards with their unusual combination of printing and metallization conjure up a festive atmosphere.
Furthermore, visitors will be able to see design concepts for custom metallized packaging that were jointly developed with brand name manufacturers. On display will be brand name packaging and printed promotional items with elegantly designed mass customizations that significantly enhance the brand.

DM-Jetliner demonstration in the HP Indigo Experience Center

Following the Dscoop conference, visitors to the HP Indigo Experience Center in Barcelona will be able to experience a live demonstration of the DM-Jetliner finishing unit, where it will be employed in combination with a HP Indigo 6900. The seamless integration of the DM-Jetliner into the printing process, and the finishing of web-fed labels at printing speeds will be demonstrated. Onlookers will be able to observe the creation of a perfectly harmonious combination of metallization and digital printing in a high-precision finishing process.