Digital label finishing live at Labelexpo Europe

Fürth/Germany, 22 August 2019: At this year's Labelexpo Europe Leonhard Kurz will be presenting the digital metallization of labels using its DM-Jetliner embellishing unit in-line with a HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press. During the show visitors will see live production of narrow-web labels with metallization applied before print and then overprinted by the press, achieving a colorful and high brilliance effect. This unique narrow web application and configuration was presented for the first time in February 2019 at HP Indigo's Global VIP customer event in Israel. Those who could not be at the event will now have two opportunities to see it in Brussels: at the Kurz booth as well as at the HP booth.

Flat, ultra-thin metallization developed for web-fed applications

At the Kurz booth, a DM-Jetliner will be connected in-line, upstream to the HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press. In the first step, a digital metallization will be applied to the web-fed labels by the DM-Jetliner unit, in a process Kurz calls 'Digital Metal'. Then, in one pass, the metallized labels will be multi-color overprinted by the HP Indigo 6900. Visitors to the Kurz booth will be able to see just how seamlessly metallization and color printing can be combined. One of the key features of the Digital Metal process is the flat application of the metallization. This characteristic is perfect for finishing web-fed labels, as no distortion of the extremely thin and flat coated labels occurs as they are wound up, so the labels can be further processed without problems. Other core benefits of the Digital Metal process are variable data in precious metal tones, reliable register accuracy between metallization and color printing and a high brilliance metallic effect. The DM-Jetliner is currently the only machine in the world that supports this type of finishing of web-fed labels.

Holographic effects shimmer through the color printing

Digital Metal finishing can be thought of as a fifth color in the printing process, which enables unique combinations of metallization and color printing. Various features of this unique technology combination will be demonstrated at the show. A wide variety of label applications for the beverages, personal care, and detergent industries will be presented. The labels will be metallized in pure silver or in vivid metallic colors achieved by overprinting, and also decorated with variable elements. An especially striking effect can be achieved by overprinting diffractive Digital Metal designs with color, since at certain viewing angles, a rainbow color shift shines through the luminous metallic tones. These iridescent rainbow effects will also be created in a live application at the Kurz booth 3D40. In addition, numerous label designs will be displayed to illustrate the broad spectrum of design possibilities.