Packaging as an expression of lifestyle

Leonhard Kurz presenting designs that represent the spirit of the times at Luxe Pack Monaco

Fürth/Germany, 12 September 2019: Pure decoration is a thing of the past: Leonhard Kurz will be exhibiting expressive packaging that reflects the spirit and lifestyles of the times at Luxe Pack Monaco. By offering a diverse selection of unusual patterns, the coating manufacturer hopes to inspire designers and brand name manufacturers to break away from customary design patterns, to look at packaging design in a new way, and to rediscover the world of hot stamping technology.

Design based on distinct trends

For the eighth year in a row, the Kurz trend team got together with a trend agency to closely examine the latest social developments and again come up with four key trends. To implement these trends as designs, they developed a new packaging concept: Box next to Box. A decorated drawer box contains the trend collection and references their individual themes. On opening the drawer, the four trend boxes appear with their contrast-rich designs. Each of the four boxes represents a trend theme: Archive – the rediscovery and creative exploitation of old treasures and resources, Supa Func – the focus on efficiency, function, order and structure, Black Mirror – the contemplation of reflection and self-determination in times of omnipresent digitalization and artificial intelligence, and Clearance – the desire for true sustainability, new materials, and better consumer behavior.

New colors and effects developed to depict the trends

To capture the moods underlying the trends, Kurz developed metallized transfer products in never before seen colors and with surprising optical effects. These include, for example, a lively fluorescent orange, a matte terracotta, and a lustrous translucent silver that allows the underprinted designs to shine through. Furthermore, two new diffractive designs with an unexpected look were created. Using stamping die technology from the Kurz subsidiary Hinderer und Mühlich, elaborate structures and reliefs were created to haptically support the eye-catching motifs and designs. Multi-level raised areas alternate with pronounced depressions, and large areas of striking patterns with ultrafine microstructures. Box next to Box will be exhibited for the first time at Luxe Pack, and the trend colors and diffractive designs will also be shown there for the first time.

Amplified depth effect

Light is refracted in many shades, but no color spectrum appears. Holographic lenses suggest endless depth but are confined within a strictly symmetrical arrangement. These exciting contrasts have been combined in the new Trustseal SFX Mosaic holographic continuous design, which Kurz will also be presenting at Luxe Pack. The light play of the achromatic color tones and the multiple repeating depth effect will stop viewers in their tracks. The magical effect that this design has on packaging will be demonstrated at the Kurz booth.

Holographic and semi-transparent designs for plastic packaging

Kurz will also be revealing new ways of decorating plastics at Luxe Pack. In certain product lines, the company has developed tailored grades for use on sealing caps, cases or jars. One of the series includes the diffractive Light Line range, which offers a large selection of glittering or shimmering designs to draw the customer's eye to the retail shelf. The second product range for plastic surfaces contains various color tones of the new Lumafin series. Lumafin stands for semi-transparent colors with a soft shimmer and refined metallic look. Depending on the incident light, the substrate color either shines through slightly or appears as an opaque, high-gloss area. At Luxe Pack booth DB 11 in the Diaghilev Hall, Kurz will be presenting examples of how these new designs can be employed to great effect.

Interesting facts about recyclability

The Kurz stand offers more than just inspirations for extraordinary packaging design. It also provides a sound source of information on the recyclability of packaging enhanced with hot stamping and cold foils from Kurz. Kurz has extensively documented how the recyclability of packaging remains unaffected by decoration through tested Kurz transfer products. Visit the Luxe Pack Monaco for more details.